Comfrey Oil Concentrate


Use to soothe pain and inflammation of muscles or joints. Makes an excellent massage oil.

How to Use: Massage onto affected area. For external use only.


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I’ve used plenty of topical anti-inflammatories in my massage practice, and this Comfrey Oil is the most effective at penetrating and flushing deep into muscle and connective tissue. Not only does it amplify the effects of the massage, it also heals my hands as I work.
Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Teacher, Biodynamic Craniosacral TherapistGolden, CO
I started using Healthy Harvest comfrey oil on a very painful ‘golfer’s’ elbow about 6 weeks ago. After a couple weeks of using it twice a day the pain was less and now it practically gone. I have a strong painless grip again too.
Golden, CO
I have found Healthy Harvests’ Comfrey Oil to be a safe and effective treatment for muscle and tendon strains.
Medical DoctorWilliamsburg, VA
I fell four stories off a building 18 years ago, breaking both legs, my back, and arms, leaving me with irreparable nerve damage and constant pain. Until recently I just lived with it and then tried Healthy Harvest Comfrey Oil. To my amazement, it relieved most of my pain and without the side effects that come with pharmaceutical pain medications.
Whitefish, MT

Reportedly used by Greek physicians since 400 BC, comfrey oil is a potent herb used for healing sprained or torn muscles, ligaments, and even broken bones.  Over 100,000 over-the-counter pain medications use comfrey for natural pain relief, and studies have show it to be effective relief from arthritis pain and inflammation. 

Made in Colorado from organic extra virgin olive oil and organically grown comfrey. Topical use only. Consult doctor before use if pregnant.


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