We Have a New Name!

Olea Colorado is now Healthy Harvest. Our new name has old roots – Healthy Harvest was the name of Karl’s small, family, organic vegetable farm near St. Louis, Missouri. Upon moving to Colorado, we wanted to continue to share our healthy traditions. Every member of our small company lives on the Front Range where we attend farmers markets to promote our products and organic lifestyle. We all cook daily using our products as well as other organic foods. Most of our products are packaged in Golden, CO. We like to say, “Our headquarters is your local farmers market, come see us!”

Our mission is to offer pure, organic, healthy foods and products with corresponding education and uses of our products. Through our research, we have discovered that most foods in the US are adulterated somewhere in the production process-thus damaging the health benefits. With each and every product we offer, we have a direct relationship with the producer and have witnessed their production methods ensuring transparency. Our products contain no preservatives, additives, colors or anything else except what nature has provided.

Look forward to healthful, new products coming in 2016!

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